Release Notes - 1st November - In Document Feedback

EDUonGO has released an "In Document Feedback" Feature. 

Trainer View

When a student submits an "Assignment" , proceed to "View Submission" as per usual process. You will now see a yellow speech bubble next to the document that has been uploaded by the student.

1. Select the "Speech Bubbles" to provide feedback within the submitted document. 

2. A new tab will open that will provide you with feedback tools.

First select the tool you want to use, 

- Select the Highlight tool, and then drag over the words you want to draw their attention to. 

- Select the comment tool and click next to the words you want to provide feedback on.

Feedback provided is automatically saved, therefore if you accidentally click out of the screen and proceed back to the speech bubbles, all feedback will still be there.

Feedback provided will appear on the right hand side of the screen.


This feature is only applied to the "Assignments" Feature 

Student View

The student can access their feedback on the document by selecting "View Result" in their gradebook.

The student accesses the "In Document Feedback" via the yellow speech bubble.

The student has the ability to also make comments and highlight the document. 


The sample provided here is based on a PDF submission.

The student will need to make edits to their original document and upload it again as per normal process. 

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