Release Notes - 28th March - Improvements & Bug Fixes



1. Bypass Rubric

You have the ability to turn on/off the forced use of a rubric.

If you want to ensure that your trainers do not miss completing a rubric then we suggest you select "No" under the "Bypass Rubric Speed Grading" in "Course Settings" . 

1.1 Trainer Experience 

This will block them from provided a "Satisfactory" or "Not Yet Satisfactory" grade until the rubric is completed. In addition we have added some user experience improvements to this process, once they select "Save Grade" in the rubric, it will automatically close the rubric screen and take them back to where they were on the assessment so they can finalise the grade.

As you will notice in the screen grab below, they no longer have any grading options until they have completed the rubric 

2. Block Trainer Profiles from Moving/Archiving Course's

Trainers can no longer move or archive a course. The gear will no longer show to trainers, therefore they wont be able to archive or move this course. 

3. Course Drop Down 

- Alphabetise - Course's in drop down are now alphabetised 

- Extend - We have also extended the course bar, so that you can see the entire course name 

- Search - We have also provided you with the ability to search for a course within this drop down

4. Upload Session & Assessment Start Dates & End Dates 

In your navigation bar to the left, you will notice a new item called "Update Dates" , in here you can download all your sessions and assessments into a CSV file. 

You can then add the start dates and end dates for these items into one CSV file and re-upload them to update all your session and assessment start dates and end dates. 

Bug Fixes

1. Document Access Denied 

Links to document within your system, would sometimes stop working and provide an error saying "Document Access Denied". We implemented a hotfix where you could type in "Document" in the style sheet. However this issue has been completely resolved and you no longer have to use the hotfix. 

2. Student View Images issues & Bullet Points  

Similar to the issue above, images and bullet points failed to show on the student login. This has been fixed. 

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