Release Notes - 16th April 2020 - Improvements

Participation Report 

We have released a participation report that will give you an overall picture of how much time a student has spent on a specific session. The report is in the "Admin Reports"  tile. There are two columns that need to be pointed out here. 

1. Time Spent - This will be accumulatively adding  the amount of time they have been on the session 

2. Confirmed Time Spent* - This is using the "Require password confirming time spent on a session" feature in course settings if turned on. If it isn't turned on "Confirmed Time Spent" will remain blank. 

*NOTE: Please remember that this setting was created as a final "Net" to capture commencements - if this is turned on, it may commence students if they don't have a commencement date. Our recommendation is to increase the minutes to 30-60 min. 



BLOCK changes to a grade that has already been pushed to SMS

If a unit of competency has been completed & pushed through to your SMS, the grade of any assessment that is linked to this unit cannot be changed, an error alert will appear informing you that the unit has already been pushed. 

If it is absolutely necessary to change the grade - you can log a ticket and we will do it for you. 

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